5 Effective Content Marketing Ideas for 2016

adding a podcast is an often overlooked when it comes to content marketing ideas

adding a podcast is an often overlooked tool when it comes to content marketing ideas

The beginning of the year is a perfect time for content marketers to attract new customers, retain existing clients and for generally increasing engagement and to work on new content marketing ideas.

Whatever ideas you may have, your marketing strategy will only be effective if you know your target audience. Here are some innovative ideas you may not have considered to keep you ahead of the game with your marketing content.

Introduce podcasts as part of your blog

Attaching podcasts to your blog posts can be an effective way to increase your exposure. Statistics suggest that 17% of adults listen to podcasts but only 3% of marketers use them to reach potential customers. It is therefore an opportunity for businesses to communication to potential clients in a less competitive environment.

It can be as simple as an opening statement or conclusion to a post. Consider publishing a podcast on the same page as post so that people have the choice to read or listen to your content. This opens up a new audience for you because your content becomes more accessible especially to those who may have disabilities.

Having a website available to those with disabilities can also help you to draw attention from other businesses, regulatory bodies etc. There are tools like WAVE that can help you to set up and evaluate the accessibility of your site.

Do your research and you will see there are many possibilities for podcasts to develop your content marketing.

Create entertaining and informative blog posts

It is important to post content you believe your visitors would find entertaining and informative, as well as directly related to your business. A successful blog makes your company easy to relate to and allows your customers to feel they are part of a community.

Furthermore blog from equinox gym is a good example of this. It has a wide variety of topics that they feel would interest their clients. This includes music, fashion and travel, through to science related articles and nutrition.

interesting visual subjects feature strongly in the Furthermore blog

interesting visual subjects feature strongly in the Furthermore blog

Popular content uses a lot of visual stimulus to compliment its text. Visitors want to see what is being said rather than reading it. Whenever you are producing new content, think how it can be expressed visually too e.g. use of images and video.

Another aspect to think about when creating content is to produce posts others want to share. Click here to understand more about the type of content most often shared and the psychology behind it in one of our previous blogs.

Tell a story on Instagram

Kissmetrics' science of Instagram infographic

Kissmetrics’ science of Instagram infographic

Nowadays, consumers really value feeling part of a cause when buying into a product or brand. Research into neuroscience and psychology suggests that 85% of purchasing is emotional and only is 15% logical. You will be at an advantage if you have an understanding of how sales psychology works, what aspects stimulate what part of the brain.

Krochet Kids International is a great example of telling a visual story on Instagram. It demonstrates how a brand can be brought to life through pictures and the positive impact businesses can make on the community.

As with any social networking site, it is worth knowing what works effectively for that platform e.g. levels of engagement – photos versus videos – or what is the best time of day to post your content.

Create content related to seasons or public holidays

Consider how you can publish posts related to the seasons. Spring is fast approaching so think about the opportunities this gives you. The posts shouldn’t necessary be selling your products or services directly but what you think would interest your potential customers.

Gurneys is a company selling seeds, this blog post from them provides informative content about giving tips on how to start your own vegetable garden in the spring time.

You could also investigate what public holidays are coming up and how they may appeal to your target audience.

Reach out to Generation C

According to Cisco, Generation C refers to a new culture of consumers, also known as the YouTube generation. They don’t fit into a particular age group but have a big impact on what will be popular next because they account for more than $500 billion in Internet spending a year in the US alone.

Generation C can be described as those who fit into a particular mindset, they care deeply about curation, creativity, connection and community.

They can be identified by key factors including:

  • They are always connected
  • They use friends recommendations rather than being reached by traditional methods used in business
  • They look for reasons to read and share.

Click here for more information on Generation C.

It is important to gain feedback on the success of your work; by evaluating what content was most effective is fundamental in any plan. Google analytics can provide you with customer insights.

Do you want more information about developing an effective content marketing strategy and increasing your engagement? We’d be happy to help. Get in touch for a chat.

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