Avoiding Content Clutter

content clutter wordcloud

content clutter wordcloud

We all love the process of creating and sharing original content.

But, we have to ask:

  • Is it all useful?
  • Is it in the best interest of our clients and their brands?
  • Are we really adding value – or simply creating content clutter?

Content strategy has evolved – rather than focusing purely on the creation of brand new content to reach new customers, marketing professionals are listening to what consumers really want – and leveraging other brands or pre-existing content in order to connect with them more effectively.

Furthermore, consumers are identifying with brands outside of traditional shopping contexts – and, to this end, brands have to be relevant within our culture.

Content plays an important role in this new culture – helping brands to connect with consumers in cultural contexts, then bring them into a traditional compare and buy scenario.

Many people still tend to think that content production is the process of creative agencies generating text, images and videos in a studio setting, then sending it to a media agency to put “out there” and wait for connections. This is an outdated (and un-measured) viewpoint.

In recent years, content strategy is more about finding the exact consumers required by a company, understanding their cultures and identifying what they already like to find familiar ground.

In short – it’s less about making content, and more about leveraging content.

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