Presence, engagement – but where are the enquiries?

You’ve built up your digital presence, people are engaging with your excellent content but it’s not translating into business opportunities – so what can you do? Social and digital activity often focuses on metrics like engagement and reach, but how can this be turned into leads? Integrated use of digital channels ensures your brand and […]

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Six Steps To A Winning Content Marketing Strategy

Possibly the most vital part of any marketing campaign is content. By that, we mean, what is it that you have to say about your business, your people, your products, your services and your customers? As you can see from our Lead Generation Model, Content – in its widest sense, is used not only on your […]

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5 Effective Content Marketing Ideas for 2016

The beginning of the year is a perfect time for content marketers to attract new customers, retain existing clients and for generally increasing engagement and to work on new content marketing ideas. Whatever ideas you may have, your marketing strategy will only be effective if you know your target audience. Here are some innovative ideas you […]

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Tips for creating shareable content

In an ideal world, every social media post created by your company will be seen – and shared – by thousands of existing and potential customers; creating awareness of your product/brand and bringing in the £’s.  However, the truth is, in order for an end user to like and/or share what you’ve written in a […]

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What the NSA knows about you from your data

The NSA (National Security Agency) are hitting the news again, with the revelation that civil rights leader Martin Luther King and boxer Muhammad Ali were both ‘spied’ on during the peak of the Vietnam War protests. Newly declassified documents have also revealed that journalists from the New York Times and the Washington Post, along with […]

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Understanding your own engagement levels to optimise post impact

At 650Hours, we understand the importance of getting timing spot on. Creating great content for social media posts, blogs and marketing emails is vital; after all, they’re conveying a message and representing the core principles of a company. However, it’s no good having great content that simply sits unnoticed on the web due to inappropriate […]

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A Few Ways Social Media Can Help Your Organisation

Introduction Social media provides businesses with a relatively new way to interact with customers in a quick and cost-effective manner. Used correctly, social media can boost profit, encourage customer loyalty, influence values & attitudes and provide invaluable marketing opportunities. Social media has grown with such velocity that many businesses are afraid of embracing it, or […]

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