Tap into the marketing potential of LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn-PulseAs specialists in digital engagement we know the impact an effective marketing strategy can have on any business.

In the past decade, networking with virtual connections has become as important as those in real life. Nonetheless, building your networks via online platforms is as more about what you post and how you share it rather than who you know. The Fundraise Story is a perfect example of this, raising $27 million dollars through LinkedIn.

With more than 364 million members in upwards of 200 countries, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network available online. The marketing potential of LinkedIn is immense, with statistics showing that it has an impressive sign-up rate of two new members per second.

The popularity of LinkedIn is due to the amount of people wanting to connect with influential people in their field. As far as content marketing is concerned, LinkedIn’s Pulse provides users with the opportunity to share content that gets the right attention.

What is LinkedIn Pulse?

Pulse is a news aggregation application from LinkedIn. It was first released back in 2010 and by 2011 has already been added to Apple’s App Store Hall of Fame and made it into TIME’s top 50 iPhone apps of the year. LinkedIn users can create and share content on Pulse. It is separated into three categories, Your News, Top Posts and Discover.

To access LinkedIn Pulse via your LinkedIn account (Log in, on the black toolbar, go to Interests, the third option is Pulse); it is also available to download as an app on your tablet or smart phone.

LinkedIn-Pulse-connectedWhy use Pulse for marketing?

Pulse is a very effective marketing tool because the content you post reaches a wider audience. It is exposed to users based on their interests rather than the connections on their LinkedIn profile. This is a valuable asset especially as it gives you access to an audience that includes LinkedIn Influencers. The opportunity to network with such business connections could otherwise take years.

Thus, with Pulse your audience already exists but you are still required to create quality content that people will want to engage with. Also, the platform provides the potential for a high level of engagement whereby articles can be commented on, shared and participants followed.

LinkedIn falls into the top 20 most trafficked websites according to Alexia. Consequently, the content you post to Pulse has a greater chance to be indexed by Google than the posts in your personal blog, and it is more likely your Pulse posts will appear higher in Google search results.

Utilise Pulse successfully and increase your search engine visibility. By strategically placed back links you can drive traffic towards your website. It may open doors to other blogging or writing opportunities as you get more exposure and gain creditability in your field. There is a high demand for high quality content so make sure you share your knowledge and expertise.

Other benefits to Pulse include retaining the rights of the original content you have written. As well as, the added bonus that many still don’t realize it’s an open publishing platform that anyone can post. Thus, Pulse’s marketing potential has been almost untapped at the moment and yours for the taking

How to publish to Pulse

Draft your work separately

To start using Pulse as a marketing tool you need to get publishing. It is best to draft your posts in a word processing program first, ensuring you don’t lose any of your work if the system crashes. Your posts don’t have to contain huge amounts of information; even articles under a 1,000 words receive interest and increase your credibility.

Once your draft is complete it’s just a case of copy and pasting it into LinkedIn. Always double-check your work for grammar and punctuation before publishing. A fantastic free tool for this is grammarly, which can detect up to 10 times more mistakes than the average word processor.

Hyperlink back to your website

Add back links to your website and any relevant pages you would like to drive traffic to. This can help to build up your credibility as it gives readers the opportunity to find out more about your business and background.

Incorporate different medias into your text

Stand out by adding photos or short videos to keep readers engaged and gain more fans. High impact visuals help attract the attention of people who may be browsing through Pulse.

LinkedIn-Pulse-contentInclude 3 tags that are relevant to your content

With Pulse you can include 3 tags related to the content in your post. Tags are important because they help readers find your post when they are reading related content. Check the tags of popular articles of a similar subject, using the same tags will help your posts get sorted with theirs.LinkedIn-Pulse-tagsShare your posts

Once you have published your post by clicking on the top right hand corner of the page, make sure you share your article on other social media platforms including Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Also, posting older content e.g. a past blog post from your own website is a good way to repurpose your content. But remember content containing advertisements and posts for job openings are not permitted.

LinkedIn’s suggestions for gaining public interests:

  • Concrete advice for people hoping to enter your field.
  • Industry predictions for the next 5, 10, and 15 years.
  • Problems that your industry needs to solve.
  • Essential job skills that your company benefits from.
  • What’s changed about your job, industry or profession since you started working at it?
  • What you would do differently if given the opportunity.
  • How you got started in the industry you’re in.
  • How to get ahead as a business professional.
  • The challenges professionals face in the industry you work in.

By sharing what you know, often you can take full advantage of the marketing capability that Pulse offers and increase your influentially in your field. Read more for tips on content marketing and how you can increase your connections with LinkedIn groups.

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