Making great content – and making it work for you.

Content is Important

Our focus is on creating, sourcing and deploying content with ingenuity, dexterity and guile to achieve the best possible results for you.  We work with clients who understand the importance of a content strategy to enhance their digital presence – their website, their social media, their digital voice – to their organisation now and across the long term.

Deploy Content Intelligently...

We proactively suggest and build content and engage with deployment tactics that we believe will enhance your digital presence. We understand that the content we produce must fit into a broader company go to market strategy, supporting sales activity, brand positioning and the goals of your organisation.

...And Consistently

In the B2B space, we do not believe in digital quick wins, rather we know that a consistent and refined intelligent voice across your digital presence, your website, your social media platforms, your emails, will pay dividends in relationship building and business development over time.

Supporting your Goals

We understand that our role is to support you in your objectives. We fit alongside your team in whatever capacity you need and support your company across all digital platforms, monitoring what is being said about you and your market and jumping into the conversations where we can add value.

Ingenuity, Skill, Guile: Our Watchwords.

If you have a desire to understand better how to use great content to help you engage better with your audience, to help you grow, or just to fix an immediate problem you have, 650hours are your ideal partner, located in London and Leeds with a UK wide reach.