Study looks at social media popularity

Facebook still topping social media popularity in 2015

Facebook is still topping the social media popularity tree and the trend looks set to continue into 2016

As we enter into a New Year, we take a look back at social media popularity in 2015 and make predictions as to where the user share is likely to be heading in 2016.

A Pew report released last year on social media habits revealed that Facebook still ruled the roost – however, Instagram and Pinterest are steadily gaining vast numbers of users.

This is perhaps not a huge surprise, given the rising use of messaging apps on smartphones – the data revealed “the noteworthy and rapid emergence of different kinds of communications tools serving different social needs.”

Although the Pew Study looked at the US in particular, its findings are still relevant to social media in the UK and across the globe as it shows a new trend in how people interact.

Mobile messaging

To this end, the 2015 report was the first time that researchers looked at mobile messaging as a separate category – studying the habits of users on platforms such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, and iMessage. The researchers found that 67 percent of internet users in the US used smartphones.

Facebook came out on top in the report – with 72 percent of adults using the site.  Instagram and Pinterest have doubled their communities since 2012 (up to 28 percent and 31 percent, respectively).

So, where are we heading in 2016? It would seem that the continuing popularity of Facebook is unlikely to wane, but with the continued growth of Instagram and Pinterest, we could see very different statistics in 2017 – only time will tell!

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The full Pew Study can be downloaded here.

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