Presence, engagement – but where are the enquiries?

You’ve built up your digital presence, people are engaging with your excellent content but it’s not translating into business opportunities – so what can you do? Social and digital activity often focuses on metrics like engagement and reach, but how can this be turned into leads? Integrated use of digital channels ensures your brand and […]

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650hours CEO helps boost British business at MSP channel event

650hours CEO Stewart Boutcher was one of 15 channel leaders heading up the recent Transmentum/VARTrends MSP Peer Group event in Milton Keynes. The channel partner event is designed to help VARs and MSPs to better streamline, manage and market their businesses as well as build sustainable recurring revenue. Stewart spoke about How to Build a […]

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Your content is the face of your brand

Without an online presence your company may as well not exist. A bold statement to make perhaps, but we live in a digital world now and, outside of key niche areas, being easily searchable online is important. As a consequence of this, having a high quality social media presence is vital when it comes to […]

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Empower your team with flexible remote working

Like countless other companies in the UK, 650hours has embraced flexible remote working hours. Remote working not only allows for lower overheads (reduced office and travel costs) – but also, in our experience, offers employees enhanced levels of flexibility and freedom – letting them achieve the best possible work/home life balance. A recent article by […]

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Geeks who rocked the world

Here at 650hours we’re fascinated (some might say obsessed) with technology so a feature on The Independent journalist Rhodri Marsden’s blog about the potential re-launch of the seminal Sinclair ZX Spectrum had us reminiscing in turn about our early gadget geek days. For me (Louise), it was a Pacman hand held game, received when I […]

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Why 650hours? Blame Bill Bryson

An associate asked me recently “what is the logic behind 650 hours???” He’s not the first, so I thought I might take the time to explain in blog form why 650hours is called as such. It’s not complicated and it’s all Bill Brysons’ fault. I’m quite a Bill Bryson fan, in a quiet, non-evangelical kinda […]


On Goodness and Shortlists

Good news, everyone! 650hours have been put on the shortlist for the Digitally Leeds Goodness Award. This award is for the best not for profit project or open source contribution either as a standalone product or as an addition to another open source project. It goes without saying that every member of the team is […]