5 Effective Content Marketing Ideas for 2016

The beginning of the year is a perfect time for content marketers to attract new customers, retain existing clients and for generally increasing engagement and to work on new content marketing ideas. Whatever ideas you may have, your marketing strategy will only be effective if you know your target audience. Here are some innovative ideas you […]

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Ad blocking will reach hundreds of millions in 2016

For those in the know ad blocking has been around for years – preventing annoying pop-ups or flashy adverts on all sorts of websites. But 2015 was a pivotal year for the technology as it went from being something which was only discussed within the industry to being a cultural pop reference in three episodes […]

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Think big for your business in 2016

As we enter into the New Year, what are your business aspirations for 2016? The experts say, think big, start small and learn fast. Regardless of your objectives, here are some important factors to consider to help make your business a success.  With the rapidly developing online market, digital marketing is also an essential component to […]

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Tips for using Reddit productively

If you haven’t used Reddit before, it is a community based website made up of many sub reddits. Each subreddit is like a website, each with its own topic, niche information, audience and marketing. As you can imagine, it is a hive of activity with vast amounts of data being shared. Whatever your objectives are, […]

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Facebook Updates News Feed Controls

One thing is for sure – the landscape of Facebook is always changing! The social media giant responded to widespread unhappiness about the News Feed algorithm filtering out relevant content back in November – and now they’ve given extra say to users about what content they see via updated News Feed controls. The improved News Feed […]

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Facebook tops the chart as most downloaded iOS app of all time

Facebook is the most downloaded app ever on the iOS platform according to a report recently released by San Franciso-based analysts App Annie. Its Messenger app also took the runner-up spot. Also in the top 10 were the Facebook owned apps Instagram, at number four and Whats App coming in sixth place. Google’s YouTube came in third and their […]

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Make twitter chat work for you

Want a greater following on Twitter? Have you considered using Twitter chats? There is no doubt, Twitter chats are a very effective way to build relationships with desired audiences. It can be particularly useful when tying to connect to specific niches within a community. Each chat gives you 30 -60 minutes real time conversations with […]

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Facebook adds PGP encryption option to help keep emails safe

Facebook is rolling out the option for users to upload an encryption key to their profile, to prevent hackers from snooping on notification emails. Notification emails via Facebook often include the content of the message – encryption can convert any such messages into nonsensical characters for sophisticated third parties. Facebook is using PGP (Pretty Good […]

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The purpose of a great 404 error page: signposting

So what exactly does a 404 page do? Well… from time-to-time a visitor to your web site will inevitably suffer from finger trouble – they will enter the wrong front path to a particular page, click on a dead link (eek) or even worse, stumble upon a back link to your web site that is […]

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