Will 2017 be more of the same for social media and digital engagement?

As we head into 2017 one of the most exciting things for us here at 650hours will be the launch of our new website to represent our new focus on great quality content at the heart of all digital engagement. We’re also eagerly awaiting to see which social media platform will be taking the top […]

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CEOs need to connect with social media

Do you know anyone who isn’t using some form of social media these days? At least 59% of the UK population are active on social media so it’s somewhat surprising to hear that the business world’s top CEOs only make up a small part of that percentage. A new report from CEO.com shows that 61% of Fortune […]

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Top brands know the secret of Instagram marketing

Instagram is a social media platform that uses visual content to tell a story. It’s a great opportunity for brands to show off products, their company philosophy and involvement in community projects. People are engaging with Instagram posts on levels unparalleled by any other social network. According to Forrester research, Instagram user interactions with brands […]

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Get networking with re-invented LinkedIn groups

Many of us have a profile on LinkedIn but how many of us are using LinkedIn groups to help build our connections further? In 2004, when LinkedIn was a fledgling site with 500,000 members, the platform introduced LinkedIn Groups – where professionals could come to exchange their knowledge and build relationships. Today, there are more than […]

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Is the content we share a true reflection of ourselves?

We are exposed to a vast amount of content via social media. But what motivates us when deciding what content we will share? The recent events in Paris have shown an overwhelming level of social media activity across all platforms with people who wished to show solidarity to those affected by the tragedy. And it is […]

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There’s nothing loose about Slack

Chances are if you’re not in the tech or digital media world you probably won’t have heard of Slack – yet. However the $2.8bn company behind this handy little program are planning to change all that. Slack is a popular workplace communication and collaboration start-up from Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield and its no nonsense approach […]

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Make twitter chat work for you

Want a greater following on Twitter? Have you considered using Twitter chats? There is no doubt, Twitter chats are a very effective way to build relationships with desired audiences. It can be particularly useful when tying to connect to specific niches within a community. Each chat gives you 30 -60 minutes real time conversations with […]

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Facebook adds PGP encryption option to help keep emails safe

Facebook is rolling out the option for users to upload an encryption key to their profile, to prevent hackers from snooping on notification emails. Notification emails via Facebook often include the content of the message – encryption can convert any such messages into nonsensical characters for sophisticated third parties. Facebook is using PGP (Pretty Good […]

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