Presence, engagement – but where are the enquiries?

You’ve built up your digital presence, people are engaging with your excellent content but it’s not translating into business opportunities – so what can you do? Social and digital activity often focuses on metrics like engagement and reach, but how can this be turned into leads? Integrated use of digital channels ensures your brand and […]

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Your content is the face of your brand

Without an online presence your company may as well not exist. A bold statement to make perhaps, but we live in a digital world now and, outside of key niche areas, being easily searchable online is important. As a consequence of this, having a high quality social media presence is vital when it comes to […]

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Effective Emailing Campaigns – Getting Them Right

The power of effective emailing campaigns cannot be underestimated. The 2012 ExactTarget Channel Preference survey revealed that email was the most preferred channel for marketing communications – and a massive 60.34% of the tech savvy audience of Lifehacker – a website dedicated to the provision of work, life and tech advice – said in an online […]

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6 Key Social Media Networks For Lead Generation

6 Key Social Media Networks For Lead Generation Social media as a channel for engagement and lead generation is still such a new medium that few people really know how to exploit it for their business. When changes are introduced, it’s hard to understand their true impact and how best to act. The 6 Social […]

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