CEOs need to connect with social media

Do you know anyone who isn’t using some form of social media these days? At least 59% of the UK population are active on social media so it’s somewhat surprising to hear that the business world’s top CEOs only make up a small part of that percentage. A new report from CEO.com shows that 61% of Fortune […]

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Study looks at social media popularity

As we enter into a New Year, we take a look back at social media popularity in 2015 and make predictions as to where the user share is likely to be heading in 2016. A Pew report released last year on social media habits revealed that Facebook still ruled the roost – however, Instagram and […]

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6 Key Social Media Networks For Lead Generation

6 Key Social Media Networks For Lead Generation Social media as a channel for engagement and lead generation is still such a new medium that few people really know how to exploit it for their business. When changes are introduced, it’s hard to understand their true impact and how best to act. The 6 Social […]

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10 Top Pinterest Business Tips

10 Top Pinterest Business Tips Following our recent post regarding the top 6 social networks for lead generation, we had some interesting conversations regarding Pinterest, which it seems is quite a new platform for many. With over 70 million users, it’s fair to say that Pinterest is holding its own in the social media arena. […]

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