Will 2017 be more of the same for social media and digital engagement?

As we head into 2017 one of the most exciting things for us here at 650hours will be the launch of our new website to represent our new focus on great quality content at the heart of all digital engagement.

We’re also eagerly awaiting to see which social media platform will be taking the top spot for the coming year or whether we’ll see more newcomers like we did in 2016 when Snapchat and WhatsApp really took off for communication.

snapchat advert

Snapchat burst onto social media with a bang as more brands got on board with its reach potential

2016 was a really bold year in social media marketing, Facebook launched its Live Video function and for days newsfeeds were filled with people vlogging about anything and everything. Snapchat became a “thing” and everyone was doing it – sending out millions of 15 second snippets of their daily activity – including global organisations like the World Wildlife Fund (video).

It was also a year for reflection on global moments of “what just happened?” as the UK voted for Brexit and the USA voted in Donald Trump as its next President – events which dominated social media channels with both humorous memes and expressions of outrage.

The other big thing was the rise of social influencers. This mostly happened on YouTube but big brands are working out that they can get awareness of their products by working directly with people who may not be celebrity level famous but who have thousands of followers on their social media channels. People like Tyler Oakley (YouTube link), a YouTuber who started as a teenager in 2007 and now, with more than eight million followers on that social platform alone, has just been given his own TV show by US chat show star Ellen DeGeneres.

Humans website

Channel 4’s website for Persona Synthetics, the fictional company at the heart of its Humans TV series

Integrated reality and AI has also been on the rise. Channel 4 promoted the second series of their robotic hit show Humans with a product recall campaign including “TV adverts” (video link), a website and an interactive customer service live chat which not only had the hashtag trending but saw increased viewer figures.

Social interactions and focussed community relations are driving social media into 2017, make sure your company has its brand properly represented not only by the latest technologies but by employees who fully understand the value it brings to your business.

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